Saturday, May 14, 2011


You can't make this stuff up. This totally happened.  Twice.

Thursday night texting with Co-worker Carrie:
cc:  What are you doing this eve?
me:  I taught til 8 then went to neighbors' - you?
cc:  Playing with cat and sister.
me:  Awwwww. #cutestthingever.  Penis still 11ish?  Can Katie go?
me:  Oh shit!  I said pedis!
me:  F*cking autocorrect!
cc:  Yes on both counts.

And as if that wasn't enough, auotcorrect bit me in the ass again the next morning...
me:  Getting penis before work - wooooo!
me:  Shit!  Pedi mom.  I'm getting a pedi before work.  F*cking autocorrect.
mom:  omg this made my day.  Thank you!

Did you miss me?

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Anonymous said...

great to have you clog again. I mean blog again.