Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Called Living Art Ya'll.

Field trip day for my summer camp at the IMA 100 Acres Park.  We took 60 kids ages 6-12 to let them run amock (in a semi-structured fashion of course) among the outdoor sculptures and trees.  6-year old Teah banged her knee pretty good on the Funky Bones and was forced to stay behind with your truly while we waited for her mom to maybe or maybe come to retrieve her.  While we waited we iced the swelling knee and waxed poetic.  She might be the funniest kid I've ever encountered.  Our bus driver ideled yards away in case we needed transport back to the museum and I thought to myself What a nice man to volunteer to do that  but then I soon realized the error of my thinking.  As Teah and I laid on the plush grass and turned gray skies into fish and stars, I glanced up to see the Nice Man Bus Driver hanging half way out of his window, mouth agape, eyes wide.  Teah noticed too and we both turned in unison to the object of his, um, attention.  Here's what we saw: 
Teah:  Miss Nicole!  What's she doing?
Miss Nicole:  Posing?  Resting?
Teah:  But you said we're not supposed to climb on the art!  And look at those shoes!
Miss Nicole:  Look Teah, I spy a rabbit!
Teah:  Miss Nicole, why is she wearing a bathing suit?
Nice Man Bus Driver:  HEY! COME OVER HERE! I GOT A GOOD SHOT FOR YOU!(apparently there was someone with a camera clicking away as our orange-shoed friend climbed amidst the non-climbable art installation and in heels no less!)
Teah:  Why is he yelling at them? 
Miss Nicole:  I don't know but let's not stare.  Did you know that you can make music with just 2 blades of grass?
Teah:  Huh?
Nice Man Bus Driver: I'M TELLING YOU, THE PERFECT SHOT IS RIGHT THERE!  I cringed uncomfortably.
Teah:  Eyes popping out of her head as the scene unfolded behind her back.  She slapped her hands to the sides of her face and exclaimed Oh miss Nicole this is so embarassing!  He loves her!
Miss Nicole:  I don't know Teah, maybe.  But I think she's ignoring him.
Teah:  She doesn't love him, he should stop yelling.  I can't watch!  She covered her eyes, shaking her head back and forth.  Priceless.
As the photoshoot continued the Nice Man Bus Driver believe it or not managed to get the photographer's attention and they shared trade secrets and guess what, this was the money shot:
Side note:  This week of camp the theme is all things art; How all different mediums can be used to create art.  Jelly Beans can be turned into art and so can coffee pots.  By this time we ditched the blades of grass and just plain ol watched the photoshoot continue...
Miss Nicole:  Teah, do you think she could be art?
Teah:  Yeah, head tilting, looking thoughtful, I would call her 'living art'.

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