Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Killer Klowns from Waterloo

OMG I cannot wait for the 2012 Presidential race to hurry up and get under way already!  For real folks, it's gonna be a circus.  The pre-show has not disappointed as yesterday, Tea Party icon and hopeful GOP nominee Michele Bachmann told Fox News (blek) that she wants people to know that like her, John Wayne was also from Waterloo, Iowa, and 'that's the kind of spirit I have'.  Someone had to have gotten fired for that fact fail because the John Wayne from Waterloo, Iowa, is in fact John Wayne Gacy.  You know, the clown-clad serial killer of 33 boys in the 70's (he buried the bodies under his home in Chicago - talk about spirit!).  Yeah, that John Wayne, is from Waterloo.  Whereas this handsome devil...
 is not.  He's from Winterset, Iowa, but close enough, right?
Tic toc ya'll.


Anonymous said...

makes me laugh; what a great way to start my day!

Queen Kandis said...

I don't normally have clown fear, but I'm pretty freaked out by that photo. The one on the left.