Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beer, Bojangles, and Bubba.

There were few things that could bring a smile to Bubba's sad little face last weekend as she remained hostage in the hospital (as she put it) with a healing pelvis and frail little limbs.  So what do you do when your 88 year old grandmother pleads with you to smuggle in beer and her dog?  You do it dammit.  And when she pleads with you to go to the Texaco station to buy her more beer?  You do that too because after all she swears she'd do it for you, and anyone who knows Bubba knows that's a fact.  

She's pissed as hell about being 'locked up' and if her car was there she swears she'd tear out of that parking lot so fast...  because you know, the lack of vehicle is the only thing keeping her from leaving the joint.  So yeah, I did it.  I smuggled her beer 2 days in a row and brought her beloved companion Bojangles who we're pretty sure she's leaving everything in her will to and that's ok because I got to see this and it was worth it.

Top Bubba Quotes of 2011:
  1. The South will rise again, you are an angel straight from Heaven.  (after being handed beer #2 on Saturday)
  2. I will die before I quit drinking beer.
  3. Did you come to spring me?  Did you bring me a nail file?
  4. She even got poetic:

Oh I like drinking beer, it makes me a jolly good felllllow.
Oh I like drinking beer, sometimes it makes me melllllow.
(after beer #4 on Sunday, just before she passed into a peaceful snoring slumber)

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