Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's rainy.  It's cold.  Or coldish.  It's 58 degrees and it feels like fall.  Even Dallas is a chilly 92 degrees today.  By the way, Texas officially broke the record for hottest three months ever recorded in the history of the United States.  The average temperature of my beloved Lone Star State for the months of June-August was 86.6 and that includes averaging in the night time lows my friends.  Holy hell on fire ya'll that sucks.  And speaking of fire?  Yeah, it's still ablaze.  What the eff.

But back to Indy where it's chilly and rainy and I'm on my porch in my warm  fleeced comfies, sipping wine and listening to the maudlin sounds of Bon Iver.  Where have you been happy place?  I've missed you.  I went back and looked at posts from this time last year - and the year before - and guess what.  It was 2 years ago that I hurt my ankle.  'Active me' ceased to be and I spent the next 6 months on crutches.  Then surgery.  Then more crutches for 2 more months.  Then baby steps.  And some walls.  Then more baby steps.  More walls.  Then 2 weeks ago I competed participated in a triathlon and I finished.  Slow and steady ya'll.

Lots coming up, lots on the horizon.  First up, Friday is my 6 year wedding anniversary.  Six years.  Chump change to many of you but we've actually been together for 12 years which, when I think about it, is longer than my mom and dad were even married.  Inneresting.  But I digress.  So yeah, six years ago I became for real Schovillova.  The only one on record to be sure, that's how it reads on my marriage certificate since we were marrried in the Czech Republic.  6 years ago my yeti and I were living in Prague and drinking $1 half liter beers.  We had no car, owned no house, our only possessions were in a storage pod in Dallas somewhere - and in various parents' attics.  We traveled via trains and buses and could travel to 3-5 diffferent countries consecutively with nothing more than what we could carry in our back packs.  Those were happy times. 
But so are these dammit. On my porch on a rain chilled September evening. Middle America. Wine. Bon Iver. Yeti.

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