Sunday, September 4, 2011

Michele Bachman's legs and other weird ways people found my blog this week.

8 saintly people searched virgin mary statue.  I can thank my niece's toddler obsession with the Blessed Virgin.
6 savvy searchers
6 folks searched schovillova.
2 creepy people were looking for michele bachmann legs pictures 2.
2 people tried mother mary statue  - I wonder if they switched to virgin mary statue when they kept landing on my blog.
2 people were looking for tammy sporlede  - whoever the hell that is..
1 validating search was I blew my nose and fainted.  This made me happy. 
1 person needed to learn more about the indy go girl triathlon bike crash.  I wonder if that was the person behind me.  She wiped out big time coming into the transition area but managed to bounce back  freaksihly fast for just having ridden a hilly 10 miles.  I'm pretty sure I would have just laid there.
1 person - bless them - was looking for mary statue.  God I bet this person was pissed by the time they finally found an actual site with statues of Mary. 
And 1 person was looking for meFreaky.

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Anonymous said...

you've once again made my morning. Thank you Nicole!