Monday, September 5, 2011

Texas is on Fire Ya'll!

The largest of the fires whipping through central Texas is in Bastrop County, shown here on Sunday.

This is some scary shit.  Central Texas is facing it's worse fire season in state history with over 3.5 million acres already burned.  Looking at the picture it's hard to imagine how one goes about putting out a fire of this magnitude.  Hoses?  Buckets?  Where is Super Man with that frozen lake dammit?  And also?  Why are these people driving straight the hell into it? 
Why yes honey, today is an excellent day to drive through the GATES OF HELL.

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Queen Kandis said...

We drove into Bastrop on Monday and it did indeed look like driving straight into hell. We saw numerous planes dropping water on the fires, but it's not quite doing the trick. Keep your fingers crossed for the tanker planes from California.