Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Shoes

Sketchers - the new ruby reds?

So let's pretend for like a second that it hasn't been six weeks since my last post....

Today Kev and I got new shoes and for the first time in the history of ever, he is way more excited about getting new kicks than I am.  What's happened to me??  I'll tell you what's happened to me...  Sensible effing shoes have happened to me.  Ugh.  Sensible shoes.  So sensible that they're Sketchers folks.  Kev was impressed at least:  Cool, Sketchers he said, eye brows bouncing up and down.  The kid was legitimately impressed.  So my new cool shoes will now be worn with my work uniform. Yes, I said work uniform and thank you Jesus it only has to be donned once - sometimes twice - a week.  That too has it's pros and cons but let's just keep it to the shoes for now. 

Why now with the sensible shoes?  You may be asking this very question - or not.  The answer is I had no choice.  I could no longer ignore the silent screams of my barking dogs (a southern expression?) at the end of the  (sometimes) 8-12 hour event days.  I had no choice.  And now?  Not 1, but 2 pairs of Sketchers are kickin it in my closet full of beloved heels.  The implications of this have me reeling:    I'm getting old ya'll and all my fancy high heeled shoes are no longer practical for my vertically challenged self.  Mother Nature you slay me.

But like I said, I'm not throwing in the heels just yet.  I figure a day or 2 a week of practicallity won't be too traumatic although it might be a bit confusing to some of my co-workers who may notice my 0-3 inch variance in height every once in a while.  When I was little I used to get so excited about new shoes that I would honest to God tuck them into bed with me the first night of having them.  I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.  Needless to say I won't be tucking the new kids in with me tonight but I can't say the same for Kev.  He was so excited about his fancy new work shoes that he put them on as soon as I came home with them and wore them proudly all afternoon and evening with his Packers jersey, cargo shorts, and knee-high blue socks - it's November after all.  He was prtty disappointed that I didn't share the same enthusiasm because they are after all, new shoes.

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Trump said...

No judging from me. I've had two foot surgeries and a fractured ankle (all on the same foot/ankle) so I don't mess around with my shoes. I was never a heels girls, but I've learned my limits and sometimes just have to suck it up and wear sneakers. And I used to like to go shoe shopping...not so much anymore.