Monday, December 26, 2011

And also?

Some nuggets of updates in order of importance...

One of my oldest and dearest pals QueenKandis honored my birthday by doing what I have yet to grow the balls to do:  She got her nose pierced and it's awesome.  I both love her and envy her this deed.  I mean let's face it, another year under my belt means another year closer to not being able to justify such an act.  That's the kind of shit you can get away with in your 20's and no one bats an eye.  But once you're in your thirties it takes a little more convincing - or at least acting like it's been there since your twenties.  That's my plan anyways.

This just in:  Our man Newt failed to make the ballot for the Virgina Primaries in January.  His home state kids.  I suppose it's also worth noting that Scary Perry also did not obtain the necessary 10,000 signatures to make that ballot and the GOP still refuses to back The Mitt.  It's worth mentioning at this point that Ron Paul not only got the necessary signatures for Iowa but he also seems to be gaining momentum.  Ron. Paul.  True story ya'll.  It's never gone happen but still, it's fun to consider.

And PS - Seven days away from the Iowa caucus and I'm pretty sure the Republican Party is scrambling to do anything short of taking out a want-ad to find someone worth backing.  What a cluster... 

And PPS - The Donald has officially dropped his Republican Party affiliation because he is quite frankly sick of the shenanigans.  Can you say third party?  YES.

I've been off of work for one week exactly and the world has somehow not come to an end.  In fact, it's been going by so slowly that I barely know what to do with all of this time.  Everyone in Chez Schovillova has been taking it so damn easy that I even had to wake Norman up at 10 a.m. this morning.  Granted he's 15 in dog years which may as well be like 200 in people years but still we are just that relaxed.  I've lost track of the actual days of the week and time no es importante.  I can't wait to go back to work on Thursday.  Whenever that is.

We went to see The Artist on Christmas Day.  We were the youngest in the audience by like 50 years - you know, because it's a silent movie about silent movies - and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  I hadn't heard about it but Special K (the husband formerly known as Kev) picked it out and and eventhough he said it was a silent movie I didn't really think that he meant silent.  However, the music takes over and replaces the dialogue so beautifully that you actually forget that there are no words being spoken.  We both gave it an A- (this is high Schovillova praise) and if I can give you any advice for preparing you for this silent cinematic journey... 

You will leave that theater hungry, I promise you that.

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