Monday, December 12, 2011

Who said the customer was ever right?

Out of respect I have changed the names to protect the innocent.  I could give a shit about the not-so-innocent.  

Last week was madness I tell ya and this really happened...

A guy walks into a bar - one that he frequents on an almost weekly basis and has done so for 5 years now.  He waits in line then orders a beer.

Jerk-Ass Bartender:  Where's your chef's jacket?
GuyMy what?  I'll take a Black Ale.
Jerk-Ass Bartender:  No way man.  Where's your white chef's coat?
Guy:  What are you talking about?  You've got the wrong guy.
Jerk-Ass BartenderNo.  You were in here 2 years ago and conned me out of money!  I'm not serving you.
GuyNow I'm insulted.  You've got the wrong guy.  Where's your manager...
Enter Lame-Ass ManagerWhat's up?
Jerk-AssThis is the guy that ripped me off 2 years ago - the one in the white chef's coat. 
Guy (who for the record has never been a chef and is actually a teacher): He's got the wrong guy.  I'm in here all the time.
Lame-Ass Manager (looking at Guy):  Sorry man, you're out of here.
Guy:  What the fu@*!

Fast forward through days and a bajillion emails back and forth...

This Broad Ripple establishment that also brews beer and is in fact a pub flat out refused to apologize.  In fact, they fully supported the super keen memory of their bartender and said that even though Guy had been frequenting their establishment with friends and family for years, that everyone up there 'knew' that Guy was the late night chef's coat toting con man who'd been going around Broad Ripple and elsewhere in search of a few bucks.  But, if he wanted to come back and in and subject himself to a lineup and if he was in fact declared innocent, then they would be more than happy to eat crow and apologize.  What.  The.  Fug.

As someone who is a) human and b) has been serving in a customer service capacity in some shape or form for almost holy shit twenty years, you can imagine how infuriating this was.  You should be infuriated.  Not only was it defamation of character, but those assholes could have done some major career damage as well.  Not to mention the tragic sadness that overcame Guy as he struggled with the fact that perceived friendships forged at a favorite haunt over the years were in a fact tainted icky lie.  But good ol' Guy.  When I wanted to shout from the roof tops and pepper their facebook and Twitter walls with angry indignance, Guy just wanted to take the low grassroots road and hit them where it hurt most - In their beer bellies.  And it worked by golly.  A few calls to the Midwest Brewers Association and a crazy campaign of indignant emails and apparently 'maniacle' phone calls - you know who you are and you are awesome - later, and the pub powers that be were eventually worn down and succumbed to white flag apologies and promises of free beer. 

And now...
Does Guy accept the emailed apologies from both bartender and manager?  Yes because that's the kind of Guy he is.
Will he go back in there any time soon?  I have no idea but I wouldn't be surprised if he goes in as early as tomorrow or waits a few weeks or months.  I'd lean towards sooner than later because a) they owe him free beer and b) he loves the place that much.
Does Schovillova endorse this establishment and recommend it to anyone who cares?  While still a bit miffed, she still fully endorses their vegetarian menu and India Pale Ale.  That stuff's important.

The moral of the story...
GRASSROOTS WORKS YA'LL!!  And, the customer is always right.  Usually.

Thank you again to all those who wrote and called in maniacally outraged.  You are the best. 
We have been asked to 'call off the dogs'.  Please spread the word.


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