Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened... Again.

Remember back in December of 2010 when a funny thing happened in the restroom today?  Well, it happened again.  This time I was still in the shower after a morning run at work, and I heard someone come into the restroom, go into the stall...  and then, nothing.  I even took my time and kept the shower running in hopes that that would give them enough time and noise (I know you know what I'm talking about) to do their a.m. biz and then leave but no, they just sat there and rustled a newspaper. 

I finally had to turn off the water in fear of being late for a meeting and you know, wasting water.  Clink went a coffee mug against what I could only assume was the metal trashcan lid inside the stall.  Apparently a flat surface and perfect for holding one's beverage while one conducts their...  business.  But that's the thing.  The newspaper and mug were the only noises coming from that stall.  No splash, no plop and it made me restless.   I resisted the urge to sing Come out, come out whoever you are!  or Let it out girl!  Everybody poops!  They could not have been comfortable.  Here we go again  I thought only this time I didn't even bother to check if they were wearing shoes.

So I expedited my getting ready process because I was in no mood to play this reindeer game again.  I was not going to wait this squatter out this time.  For whatever reason I felt like I was encroaching on their territory, like I had disrupted their routine because I'm guessing that this morning business of theirs has been more consistent since December of 2010 than my morning running.  I couldn't get out of their fast enough.  I even waited for final face and hair until I got up to my office area bathroom.  But me and this mystery stall dweller are going to have to come to some sort of agreement to coexists eventually because in case you haven't been keeping me up, 2012 is the year that I treat myself to things like early morning runs (and apparently I think that 7 a.m. runs are a treat what the fu). 

We'll see what happens next week.  Stay tuned.


Enter the Dragon

Over all I give 2011 a C.  Just a C.  There was some good stuff that happened last year, I know this. The Packers winning the Super Bowl, I did a freaking mini triathlon, my Rangers going to the World Series again with me there to see it, a 10 hour old-country music and Budweiser marathon with Bubba...  All good stuff.  But there was some shit too.  Some I wrote about and posted.  Some I wrote about and didn't post.  Lots went unsaid.  A lot of ugh.  A lot of pft and a lot of what the fug... 

But this, is the Year of the Dragon ya'll and that means me. Born. Year of the Dragon xx years ago. Translation?
This is my year bitches. 

I should frame this and put it on my wall at work.  That would be awesome and that would probably make things happen for me even more.  Inneresting.

Friday, January 20, 2012

#3 Treat Yo Self.

And this...  is my inspiration for my #3.  Treat. Yo. Self.

That's right ya'll,  Treat Yo Self.  Fun words to say and powerful in their implications when said together.  What does this mean for me?  This means that I need to remember to do stuff for me because for the most part, no one will do the following things for me...

Do more yoga - and working out in general.  I put this into practice this week but think I may have been a little overzelous yesterday after running in the a.m., teaching a mat class last night and then followed that with a heated yoga core kick you in the ass class.  Getting up today was difficult and I mean that literally. Note to self: space it out.  I have a whole year - and lifetime - to do this.

Get more pedicures.  It sounds petty (or pedi - ha) I know, but seriously, I'm on my feet a lot and taking care of your feet is super important, especially when one of my jobs requires me to not wear shoes, and really it just feels good.  Plus the pedicure chairs are amazing - practically a full body massage and I admit, I'm a foot looker.  One of my good guy friends from childhood-highschool told me fifteen years ago that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they take care of their feet.  I found that both fascinating and scary and I have never forgotten it.  Thank you Ryan - aka Iceman back in our playground days.

Get a massage in 2012.  A real one.  Maybe two (or maybe 12 but I doubt it). There's a lot to be said about the benefits of a good massage for the mind, body and soul.  The human touch, the physical assault on the day to day stress on one's body,  working out the kinks which we insist on carrying around with us with hunched shoulders...  I used to get these on a fairly regular basis but somehow I let life get in the way.  And a little thing called finances.  But I think these are worth it so I am totally prepared to make cuts elsewhere in my life.  My fancy Starbuck's coffees just aren't that important.  I think.

To some of you these things might seem petty or superficial.  But then you probably have not done these things for yourself or don't do them often enough.  So to thee and me I say treat yo self.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

#2 Read More Books

I admit, 2011 was not my year for reading, my efforts abismal at best.  Sadly, I'm pretty sure I read no more than 10 books all year.  Probably less.  When I go through my rolodex of excuses reasons why I sucked so bad last year I find... work, social media consumption, work, work and um, work (because playing with Hot Wheels and LEGOs all day is exhausting business).  All of this left me tired and uninspired.  I have 20 books that I was either given or I bought last year  that I never even read.  It's shameful I tell you.  So now in the spirit of all things new and resolutions and stuff, I give to you my number 2 in 2012:  Read More Books.  Let's say I'll read 20.  Twenty books in 2012.  Not an impressive number to some of you but  christ on crutches I really need to set the bar where I can at least hope to reach it.  And guess what. I only have 19 to go.

Today I finished my first book in 2012:  The Fault in our Stars by John Green. 
My rating going into it knowing that it was a book about teenage cancer:  B+ (I was a little weary of the possibility of post-read depression) 
My rating at the end of the third day that it took me to read it:  A

Note to reader:  Never be dissuaded by a YA (Young Audience) classification. I promise you are not too cool for them.  Some of my best books read have been YA.  If you have any type of soul or love of awesome, you must read this book.

I don't give out A's easily as you will learn but I have never been disappointed by John's work and really?  This might be my favorite.  It definitely produced the most punch-you-in-the-gut wrenching sobs the likes of which could only be rivaled by Bridges of Madison County back in the day.  Hours later my stomach muscles still ache and my eyes remain swollen and puffy.  Special K continues to look at me wearily out of the corner of his eye, not sure what to make of it all.  I read the last 75% of the book curled up on the couch for a 6 hour readathon this afternoon.  Every time K came down he asked:  Is it funny?  or Are you laughing a lot?  It was like he was willing it to not be a sad book, knowing himself the subject matter and knowing that yes, he would read it eventually. And yes,  I did laugh.  A lot and out loud at would be considered normally inappropriate times.  Towards the end there was a  point when the tears were just astreaming but I still had a smile on my face dammit and even let out a belt of laughter.  K came in then.  Looked at me.  And then walked away shaking his head.  High praise my friends.
The 2 backdrops of the book take place in locales close to my heart:  Indy and Amsterdam.  I absolutely appreciated John keeping the story set in our own Naptown back yards, including favorite haunts like Holliday Park, Funky Bones, and he even gave a shout out to Broad Ripple's Farmer's Market.  Nicely done.  He also took the story to Holland (I'm not giving anything away) where he described the canals, boats, side saddle bikers and Anne Frank's Annex to a tee.  The amount of detail in this journey was awesomely immersive as I fought the urge to wipe the falling seeds from my arms and hair.  Knowing that he spent 2 months in Holland to put imaginary falling seeds on our arms and in our hair made it even more awesome.  
The star-crossed love of Augustus and Hazel is so sweet and tragic and half the time you forget that she totes an oxygen tank while he sports a prosthetic leg and they muster phrases like 'The universe is not a wish-granting factory' and It would be a pleasure to have my heart broken by you.  Tug.

Other quotable quotes: 
Oh, I got over it darling.  It took me a sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints and forty minutes to get over that boy. 
Excellent.  You'll find my leg under the coffee table.

So here's to more good stuff like this in 2012.  It was the perfect read to start the new year, like being on a roller coaster that only goes up.  Thank you John.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

#1 Drink More Champagne

Be impressed kids cuz this is how we rang out 2011 - With oodles and oodles of champagne.  Fun fact:  When you get to be our age you don't have to wait until midnight to pop open the bubbly good stuff.  In fact it's best that you open it early on because chances are you won't make it to the stroke of midnight (not because you'll be dead, just likely unconscious due to earlier bed times with increasing age).  True story.  So yes, we feasted on fancy Chinese take-out and tested our mad champagne tasting skillz.

What I learned remember:
1.  My champagne pallet is not awesome.  It's so not awesome  that I ranked Korbel as my numero uno out of 6.  I even commented BEST! Bubbles dance on tongue.  Nice finish.  Yum.  
2.  I am not a Dom girl.  Not only am I apparently not a fan of King Dom, but I ranked it as my number 6 with comments:  Awful.  Probably Korbel.
3.  Special K is a Dom guy.  Who knew the kid could pick a good bottle of bubbly out of a line up?  Go figure he chose The Dom as his top pick.  He even had seconds and thirds if you count my left overs which as you know I turned my nose up at since it was after all to my thinking Korbel.
4.  I do love my Veuve.  Thank you Jesus my only saving grace was my number 2 - Veuve.  I even wrote in my comments:  Love this.  Probably Veuve.  That was my only hint of awesome.

That grin on Special K's face is pure
unadulterated triumph. Can I have some
more please?
There were 3 other champagnes that I butchered and chose not to recall.  I fear that tasting will haunt me til the next one at least.  The next one that I will totally bring all of my awesome to since top on my list of resolutions is Drink more champagne in 2012.
For the record we did manage to make it to midnight and for the 4th time that day (because we counted down down to noon.  And 1:00.  And 2:00. at my work earlier in the day) I counted down dammit.  And then it was over. My calendar reset to January and left 2011 in the dust.

2012 I will own you and your fancy champagne too.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some Days My Job is Cool

Remind me that I wrote this.  Today was a good day.  A 2 hour meeting filled with LEGOs and Hot Wheels play research.  These days it's worth it.

Guess which one's mine.  Directions?  Who needs 'em.

It's all very scientific.  There's gravity...  and speed... 
and gravity...

When LEGOs and Hot Wheels collide.  Some things just
weren't mfeo.