Saturday, January 14, 2012

#1 Drink More Champagne

Be impressed kids cuz this is how we rang out 2011 - With oodles and oodles of champagne.  Fun fact:  When you get to be our age you don't have to wait until midnight to pop open the bubbly good stuff.  In fact it's best that you open it early on because chances are you won't make it to the stroke of midnight (not because you'll be dead, just likely unconscious due to earlier bed times with increasing age).  True story.  So yes, we feasted on fancy Chinese take-out and tested our mad champagne tasting skillz.

What I learned remember:
1.  My champagne pallet is not awesome.  It's so not awesome  that I ranked Korbel as my numero uno out of 6.  I even commented BEST! Bubbles dance on tongue.  Nice finish.  Yum.  
2.  I am not a Dom girl.  Not only am I apparently not a fan of King Dom, but I ranked it as my number 6 with comments:  Awful.  Probably Korbel.
3.  Special K is a Dom guy.  Who knew the kid could pick a good bottle of bubbly out of a line up?  Go figure he chose The Dom as his top pick.  He even had seconds and thirds if you count my left overs which as you know I turned my nose up at since it was after all to my thinking Korbel.
4.  I do love my Veuve.  Thank you Jesus my only saving grace was my number 2 - Veuve.  I even wrote in my comments:  Love this.  Probably Veuve.  That was my only hint of awesome.

That grin on Special K's face is pure
unadulterated triumph. Can I have some
more please?
There were 3 other champagnes that I butchered and chose not to recall.  I fear that tasting will haunt me til the next one at least.  The next one that I will totally bring all of my awesome to since top on my list of resolutions is Drink more champagne in 2012.
For the record we did manage to make it to midnight and for the 4th time that day (because we counted down down to noon.  And 1:00.  And 2:00. at my work earlier in the day) I counted down dammit.  And then it was over. My calendar reset to January and left 2011 in the dust.

2012 I will own you and your fancy champagne too.


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