Saturday, January 21, 2012

Enter the Dragon

Over all I give 2011 a C.  Just a C.  There was some good stuff that happened last year, I know this. The Packers winning the Super Bowl, I did a freaking mini triathlon, my Rangers going to the World Series again with me there to see it, a 10 hour old-country music and Budweiser marathon with Bubba...  All good stuff.  But there was some shit too.  Some I wrote about and posted.  Some I wrote about and didn't post.  Lots went unsaid.  A lot of ugh.  A lot of pft and a lot of what the fug... 

But this, is the Year of the Dragon ya'll and that means me. Born. Year of the Dragon xx years ago. Translation?
This is my year bitches. 

I should frame this and put it on my wall at work.  That would be awesome and that would probably make things happen for me even more.  Inneresting.

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