Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened... Again.

Remember back in December of 2010 when a funny thing happened in the restroom today?  Well, it happened again.  This time I was still in the shower after a morning run at work, and I heard someone come into the restroom, go into the stall...  and then, nothing.  I even took my time and kept the shower running in hopes that that would give them enough time and noise (I know you know what I'm talking about) to do their a.m. biz and then leave but no, they just sat there and rustled a newspaper. 

I finally had to turn off the water in fear of being late for a meeting and you know, wasting water.  Clink went a coffee mug against what I could only assume was the metal trashcan lid inside the stall.  Apparently a flat surface and perfect for holding one's beverage while one conducts their...  business.  But that's the thing.  The newspaper and mug were the only noises coming from that stall.  No splash, no plop and it made me restless.   I resisted the urge to sing Come out, come out whoever you are!  or Let it out girl!  Everybody poops!  They could not have been comfortable.  Here we go again  I thought only this time I didn't even bother to check if they were wearing shoes.

So I expedited my getting ready process because I was in no mood to play this reindeer game again.  I was not going to wait this squatter out this time.  For whatever reason I felt like I was encroaching on their territory, like I had disrupted their routine because I'm guessing that this morning business of theirs has been more consistent since December of 2010 than my morning running.  I couldn't get out of their fast enough.  I even waited for final face and hair until I got up to my office area bathroom.  But me and this mystery stall dweller are going to have to come to some sort of agreement to coexists eventually because in case you haven't been keeping me up, 2012 is the year that I treat myself to things like early morning runs (and apparently I think that 7 a.m. runs are a treat what the fu). 

We'll see what happens next week.  Stay tuned.



Queen Kandis said...

Your idea of a treat and mine differ greatly. Come down to Austin and I will show you how to properly treat yo' self. Starting with bbq!

Trump said...

So very strange.