Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Still G's World.

So Alethea and G came to visit a couple of weeks ago - be still my beating heart. It was a quick trip and I worked most of the time but we managed to find some good times in there.

We made a late night run to Napolese for dinner, one of our faves. The best part of the night came at the end when we made a girl trip to the restroom and New Order came piping through the speakers. Who knew bathrooms could be so much fun?

As you can see, G is has some strong opinions about wanting to move to Indiana. Let's hope she can convince her parents! 

These videos make me #furiouslyhappy ya'll.

Friday, March 16, 2012

#4 Breaking up is hard to do.

Don't panic, me and Special K are doing just fine. Swell in fact.

This break up is about a job. My job. My other spouse of 5 long years, and after 5 long years of ups and downs of roller coaster like proportions, I have decided - and thank you Jesus I've been offered - a whole new path with shiny new opportunities and an office with a door yo. And the best part? I don't have to change my work address. Just my desk and all that's in it. It's all so grown up but trust me, this wasn't an easy decision.

I was never a good breaker upper. The guilt, the feeling of loss, the feeling that I was abandoning someone. Breaking up with jobs has always made me feel that same way. I know, I give myself way too much credit because 9 times out of 10 those people and jobs are way better off without me. Not only do they manage to survive the profound impact of my absence, but they also thrive. I've struggled with this decision to start looking outside of my professional comfort zone for months but when the universe smacks me in the face with opportunity  I have to listen.

Introducing my super secret #4 of 2012: Grow up. 

Grow. Professionally, personally, physically and creatively dammit. You name it. I've felt stagnant for so long. A victim of my own long hours, laptop, and loyalties to a fault. By venturing onto this totally new freaking path, I have to believe that these other things will fall into place. More hours in the day to do those things because no one else is going to do them for me.

So there you go. I've been chewing on this for months and it just became official 2 weeks ago. Sleep continues to elude me - that bastard. I'm hoping when the dust settles and I'm officially on that 'new path' that I will also return to this space of writing and thought vomit. I've been feeling creatively tapped and I just can't manage to get all of the conversations out of my head and onto or into a place that's more productive. My apologies.

Digging for dinosaurs in the summer time? I'll miss it. My summer camp campers? I'll miss those faces too. The Jedi trainings, the Hot Wheels, LEGOs and all things Egypt, I was lucky to become a self-proclaimed 'expert' in all those things as I hang up my aviator hat and put away my frogs and penguins. Through all of that I was most lucky to work with some of the best people who I still get to work with but in a totally different way.

But I'm ready for new and I'm ready for totally different.
Wish me luck.