Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Solo de Mayo

Lots going on since my Aunt Marge laid down the law back in April and as a result, Facebook has been getting more love than you but that's about to change...

Work. It's great. I love it in fact. Having my nights and weekends suddenly free is still taking some getting used to but this is me not complaining. My yard looks great and my summer tan lines are ahead of schedule. I admit, most mornings I get to work earlier than I'm supposed to and leave later than is necessary but that's me adjusting to all my new found time and the fact that there is always work that needs to get done. But I guess that's it, it's always going to be there, just a steady flow and just because I knock out a whole bunch in one day does not mean there's going to suddenly be less on my plate the next day. I suppose that should sound daunting but it's actually kind of comforting in a really weird freaking way. Also weird is that even on nights when I leave at 6 instead of 5, I still feel like I'm getting home early. This is the kind of crazy shit you can do when you don't have kids. My new bosses lucked out in that realm, as well as the fact that I require very little sleep. And don't worry, I'm not all work and no play. I've been doing other cool stuff still, I promise.

Yoga and stuff. In keeping with my New Year's Resolution # 3, I'm back to doin it again - yoga that is - and Oh, what a rush! I even tried my hand at Scorpion again for the first time in wtf 3 1/2 years. I'd be depressed by that stat but then it would take away from the sublime awesome that I felt when I got my butt upside down and doing it again. Sigh. Rush. On that same note, my toes have never looked so good, again thanks to Res # 3. I've been treatin m'self. Still waiting for that massage though.
50 Shades of WTF. I was seriously in the middle of and almost finished with 4 more great reads (see Res # 2) when the books in the 50 Shades of Grey series by E. L. James landed in my lap - blush. I went through all 3 of them , and I'll be honest, I was hooked and finished within a week, sleeping even less than I already do. After being mostly annoyed (but let's face it, not enough to put the books down) by the fact that the storylines and main characters were all too similar to our friends in the Twilight series, I discovered that the Shades series actually stemmed from fanfiction based on the Twilight series. Makes so much more sense now. So kinda Twilight-esque but with the sexual politics and let's just say it - female submission overtones - that just aren't allowed in YA ficition let alone most local libraries. So yes, a guilty pleasure read with no great literary genius, but with just enough power to surpass 10 million sold in a matter of months and it's sent sales at sex shops across the nation sky rocketing. I repeat, this is not YA so if you have any YA readers that are not old enough to vote, or hell, even by alcohol, you must snatch these books out of their influential little grasps.

Running. At the end of an evening out with good friends from the studio last week, I confidently (and just a wee bit inebriatedly) agreed to train again for another half marathon, something that I haven't done in 4 years ya'll. Crap. This is much different than training for half Triathlons, which if you recall I tackled last year but without really training. That's not bragging folks, that's just lazy and lucky. But this time it's different. I've committed to doing this thing in September so this is me saying let's do this. So much found time and no kids, let's do this now.

Special K is out of school officially. We're going camping this weekend and after that I'll start busting out the honey-do list. It will be weird going into this summer so much differently than I have in the 5 years past. There will be some things missed, I believe that, but there will be so many more new things to be done and had and I can't wait. I promise to come back strong in June with  Updates on my Rangers and all things Indecision 2012. And more books.