Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Early Morning Voting Delima

This morning I awoke to a texting frenzy between some of my favorite people in the universe. My TX friend sent out a late night true confession across the country (for real, IN, NY, and Vegas, baby), admitting to the masses her 11th hour undecided status, her aversion to both Romney and Obama (especially O's inclination for the links - Thanks a lot GMA), a possible vote for the independent candidate or, gulp, no one at all.  NY and Vegas did not hesitate to respond, I jumped in at the wee hours of the morning. My post-scripts are included

2:45 a.m.
ME: Hi there, chiming in late since I was in bed at 9 - true story. Now for my 3 am thought vomit...
For me it comes down to the basics:

Civil Rights – I am pro-choice and I believe that all citizens should be afforded equal opportunity. The fact that gay marriage is even an issue still today is archaic. What a joke. That 'issue' alone affects too many people that I know and care about.

Supreme Court - chances are, this next term will bring us at least one new Supreme Court judge, maybe 2, and they will affect those changes of pro-choice and equal rights.
Foreign policy - We just aren't in a position to increase defense spending like Romney wants to. Romney also wants us to intervene in Syria and Libya, which if we did, we'd be all alone on that world stage, all too reminiscent of the Bush era. We can't afford it.
And really, on a global level, the vast majority of world leaders are pulling for an O win. This should tell us something.

The economy - Obama was handed a shit show in 2008, the worst this country'd seen since FDR. The nation was hemorrhaging jobs at 800,000 per month and Obama's 'reckless spending' prevented us from entering into another Great Depression. Instead, we went into a recession, and yeah, we increased debt. That's what happens in a recession (and recoveries) but now we're on a solid path to economic expansion – a lot more solid than where we were 4 years ago. Will O continue to spend like he has been? No. I also like to think that he will have the wiggle room to focus on all those promises that won him the election 4 years ago.  Call me idealistic.
Raise those taxes on the wealthy, they can afford it! And keep our public programs! Save Big Bird!
I wouldn't care nearly so much about the golf thing if Obama could have a more bipartisan representation of golfing partners. The best I can offer on that front is that in this day and age, people are still accessible on the golf course. They can still get good solid work done from an iPad or iPhone. Running a country? Meh.... I can't sleep. I'm too nervous now. Anyone want to take my Pilates class at 6:30 in a few hours?

Also, Romney wants to eliminate all funding to Planned Parenthood which provides family planning contraception, cervical and cancer screenings. He wants to overturn Roe v Wade while eliminating the ability for health care facilities to provide contraception to the uninsured? It's these basic things.
Planned Parenthood got me - and many of us - through my uninsured, twenties as my health care provider, annual exams, and all things related to women's health and wellness.
TX: Just woke up to this. It's awesome and Nicole, you're a smartie. I agree 100%. I want to love O, but I just feel deflated. However, gay rights and vaginas are most important in my book so I'll take Neki, Chris, Kevin, Brett, Blake, Betsy, Rachel, Michael and my vagina to the booth with me and let them vote on my behalf.

Honestly, there was more that I could have spewed, I didn't even hit education and Obamacare/Medicare - so so much. But I was trying to be cool, it was 3 a.m. and I've been awake since then. Who can sleep at a time like this?? I might throw up.