Sunday, January 19, 2014


I just want to eat that little foot but I can't because it's already in my belly.
We've waited a long freaking time for her and now she's almost here. She's almost here and she's this real thing inside my body who is currently using my bladder as a trampoline. I love it. She is the greatest gift. The minutes tick by slowly until we finally get to say hello to her sweet little face, for now we just say hello to my growing belly.

My ladies at the nail salon today:
Ladies: Oh! You have big tomack! You got baby in dare? (Pointing and smiling.)
Me: Yes, there's a baby in there. 
Ladies: Oh! When you done wit baby? When baby come out?
Me: She will be here in 3 months. Just over 3 months.
Ladies: (Looks of shock on all their faces) Tree mont? I tink maybe 1 mont. Tree mont? You got big baby in dare. Big belly!

So there's that. But you know what, I couldn't care if I looked like I had tree babies in said big belly and  12 months pregnant (for the record I've only gained about 15 lbs. so suck it little ladies). The fact is, I have one healthy growing girl in my belly and I cannot wait. She kicks when she hears music or when she feels me swaying to and fro - yes, I sway to and fro. Night time and early mornings are her best times but sadly thus far,  SpecialK can only take my word for it. She craves pineapple and cutie oranges all day long, raisin bran and Cheerios mixed for dinner, and occasionally tater tots. And thank you Jesus she does not crave meat. 

Things I had not counted on:

  1. Yoga and Pilates and pretty much any form of aerobic activity were forbidden through the first 16 weeks. I was granted permission to walk my Lady Bird no more than 3 times a week for no more than 30 minutes. Gee. I've slowly gotten back to my mat but no where near my old groove and that's OK. 
  2. All of my top baby names that I mentally logged over the years have by now been taken by friends' babies and their dogs. Ruby for your little pup Neki? Really??
  3. There are over 20,000+ different types of crib sets and bedding for baby rooms. What, the hell.
  4. It's not just the name you have to consider, but also the implications of the possible nic names, the order of the initials and also? The order of the monogram. My dear sweet sister-in-law's initials are PNS. There's a first and middle name that I love but the monogram would read FKS. Another name I love - SKS.
  5. There is some baby room decor out there that is off the freaking chain. Where to begin??


It's a lot to consider but we've still got time. 
Baby steps, folks. Baby steps.

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Trump said...

So over-the-moon happy, excited, and all other happy synonyms you can think of for you and Special K! Can't wait to meet Baby Girl Schovillova!!