Monday, July 14, 2014

That Time When U2 Followed Me into Motherhood and Everybody Won

Add this to my growing list of 'Shit I Never Thought I'd be Excited About, Like Ever' but you guys, my lunch time birds told me about the existence of 'good' music gone lullaby! I was seriously excited, no joke. Then I found this little nugget and I almost cried. And then when I played it for A and she smiled and cooed like she's never done before... I really did cry. It's downright magical and it makes me #furiouslyhappy. Don't judge. 

I admit, I've listened to the entire album like 10 times already and A may not have been in the room/car all 10 of those times. But seriously, check it out: 

I like to imagine Bono and The Edge, sitting on the floor with bells and xylaphones.
You're welcome.

Praying for Poop - And Other Shit I Never Thought I'd Say Out Loud.

That's right, I said poop. Praying for poop from my daughter. You guys, I have a daughter and she is not the best pooper and she arrived six weeks early while we were in Wisconsin instead of in our Hoosier state - WHAT?! I have a daughter and she's awesome and apparently it's totally normal for new babies to sometimes not poop for a week to 10 days because of all the magical nutrients that is in breast milk... blah blah. It's insane and never fails to freak me out as well as fascinate me - and perhaps only me. She's tiny yet powerful, and has totally knocked us on our asses in the best possible way. She has red hair and super pale skin and if you've met me then you'd know it sounds like my genes never happened. Totally not mad and I'm holding out that she might have my nose...

In the 14 weeks since her arrival, she has flown the friendly skies to Texas and Florida, waded in the Atlantic Ocean, attended one of my ladies' Bunco Nights, participated in countless impromptu neighborhood porch sessions on #RuckleSt and she's hosted over 138 overnight guests in our home. The last one might be an exaggeration but only because we've lost count. Not that we're complaining. She's awesome and wonderful and we're keeping her on her toes - as she knocks us off of ours.

Adelaide Joy. The newest Schovillova if you will. Adelaide because #SpecialK, her dad and the parent whom she most closely (100%) resembles, added it to our list during one of our Saturday morning rituals where we brainstormed baby names and read about our baby's in utero developmental milestones, all while laying in bed until 11 a.m. - sometimes noon. Because you know, that's what people with no kids do. That name was classic - and perfect. And Joy because of my beautiful and brilliant sweet ginger cousin, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Joy, who was taken from us this past February. It still hurts to think about but I can't imagine a better name sake for our sweet Addy Joy. AJ. A.

Our world waited an incredibly long time for her to arrive, despite her own fast tracked agenda. You're fine to travel. The doctors assured us after looking at my ultrasound that I had done 3 effing days before she was born. It's just a little excess fluid. If anything, you will deliver one week early at the most, they said. 'They' were wrong. When I called my doctor the Monday after A was born to let her know that I was cancelling my last 6 appointments because I'd had my baby 6 weeks early and in another state no less, the baby that they told us was still 5-6 weeks off, she assured me that that had not happened in her 10 years of practice. She then told me that she was planning on calling back a patient who was at 34 weeks along whom she had just given the green light to go down to Alabama for the week. So glad I can be that lesson to others.

You didn't ask but I'm confessing...

  1. No, I did not at any point wish that she was back inside my stomach. Not ever. She is so much more fun and enjoyable being out in the world and I am so much less swollen and so much more comfortable.
  2. I haven't experienced postpartum - I think - yet. Perhaps that's because I was so happy to have her out of my body and in the world where she could be enjoyed by everyone.
  3. I think about her all the time, like all the time. No matter where I am or who I'm with or what I'm doing, there is a part of my mind that is constantly and forever consumed by her. I'd heard this would happen. I might be in a meeting or talking to the President of the United States and still only half of my mind is present. My apologies in advance.
  4. While on maternity leave, there were days when my only goal was to have changed her clothes and mine, and if I was lucky maybe have done some dishes before K got home. My bar was low and I admit that all of those things did not always happen.
  5. I am so so happy to be back at work, and some days I feel guilty for that. I'm grateful for the adult interaction and stimulation, happy to eat with 2 hands and be able to take longer than 5 minutes to eat and 30 seconds to pee. Happy for those blissful morning moments with A when she first wakes up in the morning and for that moment when I walk in the door after work and hold her almost too tightly and resist the urge to bite her ears and nose or inhale her completely. 
  6. I second guess everything I do and say. I feel like, right now anyway, that I am constantly treading water - sometimes dog paddling -  just to keep my head above water. I'm not used to that. I'm a swimmer dammit. 
And it's all worth it.

Adelaide Joy.
Wish me luck.