Monday, July 14, 2014

That Time When U2 Followed Me into Motherhood and Everybody Won

Add this to my growing list of 'Shit I Never Thought I'd be Excited About, Like Ever' but you guys, my lunch time birds told me about the existence of 'good' music gone lullaby! I was seriously excited, no joke. Then I found this little nugget and I almost cried. And then when I played it for A and she smiled and cooed like she's never done before... I really did cry. It's downright magical and it makes me #furiouslyhappy. Don't judge. 

I admit, I've listened to the entire album like 10 times already and A may not have been in the room/car all 10 of those times. But seriously, check it out: 

I like to imagine Bono and The Edge, sitting on the floor with bells and xylaphones.
You're welcome.

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