Sunday, October 12, 2014

Days like these make me feel like a fucking super hero.

I could not be more grateful for my bosses who are more than accommodating with my recent working mom while nursing mom glamorous life style. Seriously, the support and encouragement is endless which is what you get when you work for other working moms.I have the luxury of being able to pump in my own office. I can close the blinds, lock the door, and plug in 2-3 times a day. But some days, it's literally impossible to plug in. One of those days happened yesterday but I still walked away from it feeling like a fucking super hero...

It was one of those days when you forget a major breast pump part so you're stuck hand expressing 8 oz.'s of milk from your boobs at your desk while your outer office is flooded with staff coming in to get their customer service treats for the day which are healthy chips so every time a new staff person enters, one of your co-workers yells 'You're all that' which is soon followed by your other co-worker exclaiming 'and a bag of chips!' 

Laughter ensues. 
Phone rings. 
Bottle slips. 
Milk sprays monitor. 

Milk starts to drip from side not currently being pumped. Drip. Drip. Quick grab an empty bottle to tuck under leaking faucet turn focus back to milking other side. 

Bottle slips hits the floor, milk all over pants, shoes, floor. Floor milk mixes with a smashed chocolate kiss that has been rolled on for past 3 days. Introducing chocolate milk. 

Outer door opens. 
Co-worker1: 'You're all that!' 
Co-worker2:'And a bag of chips!' 


By the end of the day I managed to squeeze out 12 ounces folks. 

Super. Effing. Hero.

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