Wednesday, February 11, 2015

September 28, 1943. The Beginning.

September 28, 1943

Introduced to Neal Herron at the US Naval Hospital bus stop by Fred Bradley (Neal's friend from Norfolk Naval Station Virginia). I was with my friend Rosie Zorfas Phm 2/c.
We four piled in a hailed cab and were dropped off in Washington D.C. There we went to The Lotus Club - I was overcome by Neal Herron. He smiled at me and I melted. We were early at the club. It had no music yet. We held hands under the table and talked. Then they struck up the band! - Boy could Neal Herron (sailor) dance. No sea legs on this guy -
We jitterbugged the afternoon away . Even ate a sandwich. Then he and Bradley hailed a cab and let us in closed the door and were gone back to the base - Rosie and me.
Rosie said to me "Gee Fran, he is really cute" and I agreed but thought I would never see him again. I spent my nights in the barracks in my bunk, praying that Neal would come back. He DID.
We went into Wash D.C. to dinner. He ordered LAMB. I am from sheep country, I don't eat lamb but I did just for him. Maybe he didn't have enough money.

Went to a movie - "Buckle Down Winsockee" with Lucille Ball and smooched! He put me in a cab and we kissed goodbye and he was on his way to Norfolk again. Next heard by phone at my barracks. He will be going via Panama Canal to San Diego and shipping out to who knows where!
He mailed me a photo, I love it! He sent me a picture of he and more sailors in a bar. They had girl friends, he was alone. - Oh! I'm so glad!
He wrote. I wrote.
He received the Bronze star medal for heroic saving of a marine (wounded) on a beach somewhere in the Pacific Theatre - he mailed it to me!
I had met his parents in N.J. one day. My friend Marie Sabel lived (or was from) Cartaret N.J. so I went with her and we went to Neal's parents' home. They were shocked by the visit! They had no idea that I existed! "Here I am Mr. and Mrs. H!" They called in Chinese food and we all ate then we headed back to Bethesda Hospital.

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