Monday, October 26, 2015

That time I went to my 20 year class reunion and survived.

Apparently peer pressure and Fear of Missing Out (and the possibility of a Texas Rangers playoff game but so much for that) still play on my inner 16 year old self as the little person and I made our way back home to Dallas for my 20 year class reunion last weekend. TWENTY YEARS. When my mom went to her twenty year reunion I remember thinking that she was so damn old. What did I know?

I missed my 10 year because SpecialK and I were living our cool bohemian life back then in our beautiful Praha. Best excuse ever for missing out and really I didn't feel like I was missing out. But this time, it was full proof peer pressure from 2 of my oldies but goodies - you know the ones you got grounded with, who held your hair when you puked and laughed at you at the same time, and on the best nights they parked down the street in a dark idol car waiting for you to emerge from your bedroom window - who had me RSVPing before I could come up with any half ass excuses not to. I love them and after 25 years of friendship I still can't say no to them so I came back.

SpecialK declined my offer to attend and rightly so. Spending an evening - let alone an entire weekend - with people whom I've known for 20-30 years and he knows none is his worst nightmare. A socialite and small talker he is not and after 16 years of being together we know our limits and I love it.

Things I learned this weekend:
  1. It is possible for Benadryl to have the complete opposite effect for some folks, say for example a little 18 month old person who's energy level 30 minutes into a 7 a.m. flight was comparable to an NYC rave. Fantastic.
  2. My high school has one less floor than I remember. I'm going to be pondering that one for a while, trying to figure out where my phantom 4th floor classes actually took place or if they even took place at all.
  3. I may have actually been in a coma for half of high school because there were too many old stories that had me co-starring or playing a supporting role that I just don't remember. That could explain the phantom 4th floor.
  4. My diploma may have been a mistake. Many of the stories involved skipping class which has me wondering how I was allowed to graduate at all, let alone graduate with 14 college credit hours.
  5. I dated a college guy when I was a senior?? One of my favorite humans reminded me of this - Back to the coma, I'd totally forgotten or blocked it out. What the heck was I thinking and what the heck was he thinking? Just, ew.
  6. The best people don't change because they never had to. They were always the best people, and not necessarily the most obvious.
  7. It's really easy to slip back into old roles, even if those roles are from 20 years ago. It's trippy to witness it's trippier to experience it.
  8. You don't have to get drunk to have a good time but sometimes maybe you just really should get drunk
  9. You're never to old to ask permission from your parents to spend the night at your best friend's house (especially when they are taking care of your wee little human person).
  10. In an instant you can be 18 again. Lingering, wallowing, and questioning your 18 year old self can be brutal - for everyone. At some point you have to pull up your boots and move the fuck on folks.
  11. There's a lot to be said for wanting to go to a place where everyone knows your name and they really are glad you came. Reminiscing with people you've knows since you were 9 or 5 even... It can be cool. Really freaking cool.
  12. People on planes fear human babies out of the womb more than they fear pregnant women. I didn't think that was possible. Even before the Benadryl kicked up the party in the back, people were just plain assholes at first sight.
  13. And speaking of assholes, I am not above dolling out bribes like Frozen marathons and pacifiers in order to keep fellow fliers from judging my in-flight offspring.
  14. This one was a tough reality check: Coffee and booze are but a fond memory when flying solo with a toddler. Hot drink, let alone anything not in a bottle with a lid that closes is not even an option when your significant other is not around to lending a helping hand. That makes delayed flights all the more painful and Frozen filled.
And that's that. In a flash but not a flash, the weekend is over. I'm left with a sore throat from all of the talking and yet there are a million questions and conversations that never happened. Maybe save those for the 30th. The 30th. That's three presidential elections away, y'all.
That sounds so old.