Sunday, November 8, 2015

Here, someone hold my earrings.

It's 2015 and Donald Trump is not only running for the Republican nomination, but he is CRUSHING the competition. It's not a joke and it's not an SNL skit because SNL only just spoofed it last night because let's face it, they had no choice. Even they thought that Trump would have self destructed before they had to finally pull up their fair and equal britches and bring him on set. It's surreal you guys, surreal and fucking scary. Even if he wasn't running for President of the freaking United States, I would be appalled by his actions as a human being who pays enough money for the spotlight and microphone. He a misogynist pig with a blatant disregard and respect for women and other humans. BLATANT. And people are paying millions to ensure that he's our next President? 

During the past few debates and the days that follow (and let's face, his last 20 years), he is openly shitty towards women and about women and his thoughts on immigration and Latinos is stomach turning and appalling. I would never want my own child to read or hear anyone say any of that about any other human and the fact that he is out there shouting it from the rooftops and as a result is GAINING POPULARITY is un fucking believable. What a shit show. His GOP support is surging because in all honesty, the American people are sick of politics and failed promises. Enter Donald Trump, demonizing brown people who are taking up the low wage jobs and telling the anxious white middle class and lower middle class that he can make this country great again because look how awesome he made himself and we can shove all things PC up our own asses.

His path to the white house has thus far been paved with the carnage of women and minorities, of fellow Republican candidates and Jesus forbid any journalist who challenges his pomp and circumstance. This is a man who wants to cut (way) back on education, Environmental policies, and slash Defense while building up our military. With horror, I listed to him attempt to articulate (in a way that makes the listener doubt their own sanity as they grasp to make sense of the nonsense being spewed on national television) that he is 'gonna build a military that's gonna be much stronger than it is right now. 'It's gonna be so strong, nobody's gonna mess with us.'

I'm constantly baffled by the number of close friends in family who are emerging as 'Texans for Trump'. Texans for Trump. Dammit Texas. Ben Carson I could almost understand. Rubio I could stomach... anyone else. But Him? How do you explain to your children to not listen to what he says on the most basic level about other people. Other races other religions and the opposite sex.

Don't listen to what he says kids. He's a billionaire and he'll make us so rich and so scary that no one in the world will never mess with us again. Nothing bad will ever happen to us again. I know he says women are stupide and ugly and you have to be pretty to be taken seriously. But he's rich. Really really rich.
Anyone who knows me knows that it doesn't matter who makes the final ticket, I'm not casting my vote for the GOfuckingP. But his influence scares the shit out of me. How tired our nation seems to be that it has lowered it's bar so completely, scares the shit out of me. I need to hear some rational sense behind why he is still here and relevant. Why are people still supporting him? Why do people that I love and respect support him? Just like his inability to truly articulate any kind of solid plan for... anything....I have yet to hear a solid argument to support him. Again, not that that would sway me to the 'Dark Side', but I at least want to stand up to a worthy opponent. An opponent who, if he or she wins, I can assure that while I may or may not agree with their politics, at least they are a decent human.
Or at least a fucking human.
It's one year away.

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Eric said...

I honestly can't believe that anyone would really vote for the top three Republican candidates: The Donald, Dr. China Has Troops on the Ground in Syria, and Rubio.