Friday, January 1, 2016

Texas Get Your Guns Out.

Toters rejoice! As of today, it's totally cool to carry your fire arms for all to see in the great state of Texas. Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, free at last to  mosey into any Starbucks, McDonald's, or store we want with our long guns or semi automatics strapped to our sides - or backs. Don't we all feel better and safer now? Our card carriers can finally find comfort in knowing that, in the event of an emergency they can now fight back. Shoot 'em up y'all, shoot 'em up. 

An openly carried handgun is of course permitted to be loaded and ready to fire. That's the whole reason behind the law, to be able to use it for defense purposes instantaneously. It would be best, though, for the safety mechanism to be on. (Sources: Open Carry Texas, The Texas Rifle Association, The Texas Restaurant Association, Texas Department of Public Safety, Central Texas Gun Works) Photo: Max Faulkner, Associated Press / Fort Worth Star-TelegarmShockingly 45 states actually have open carry laws but I'm picking on you Texas, with your long guns and semi automatics. Y'all can breathe easier now that you can fight back freely against all the bad guys and miscreants who have benefited from our weak-ass guns laws that we repeatedly fail to improve. Congrats! Our 250 year old second amendment rights are secure and our ability to arm ourselves against those who we are allowing to be armed against us is in tact. Don't we all feel better now? 

It's quite the hobgoblin that we continue to make conscious decisions to not fix our flawed gun laws and loop holes that allow 'bad guys' to obtain weapons that can wipe out a room full of innocents (like children) in a matter of seconds. Instead of fixing the problem, our solution is to arm the masses like some third world country. How does that fix anything? Why are we only making strides in the area of allowing more people to carry and acquire these mechanisms of death instead of making it more difficult for the wrong people to obtain them? 

Why the frack are we allowing people who are on the no-fly list to obtain guns? A couple of weeks ago, we once again rejected a bill that would not allow no-fly listers to obtain their precious weapons. And why? So the 1% of jerk stores who are on the list by mistake will still be able to buy their bullets because you know, second amendment. We'd hate for those 1% to have to wait - boo fucking hoo - until they have cleared their name before they can buy their weapon of choice. If you're on the list then you did some thing to get yourself there or if it's a mistake then FIX IT and find comfort in knowing that the law is still working for 99% of the people that it is supposed to. Lord knows you'll still be able to get your guns. But no.  Instead more than 2,000 suspects on FBI's Terrorist Watch List bought weapons in the U.S. over the last 11 years. It's so ridiculous that it sounds made up or exaggerated. Bullets for everyone! 

Currently, some known terrorists or suspected terrorists, while prohibited from boarding airplanes by the government's no fly list, are allowed to buy assault rifles and other weapons. 

I know, it's not just about terrorists. It's way more than that unless you're from the GOP and then our gun laws are here so we can arm ourselves against terrorists, never mind we're basically handing them our guns. We're giving anyone a gun and they're doing whatever they want and the body count keeps escalating. The more control and money we give the NRA, the more they control the policies that allow the insanity to persist. I don't pretend to have any answers but on a most basic level, I cannot fathom how any rational thinking person would not be OK with making the laws more stringent. Some might call me an idealist. Shocker. Why do we require back ground checks at gun stores but not gun shows? Indianapolis hosts one of the largest gun shows in the country, blocks away from my house. The Hoosiers are very proud of their gun show. THOUSANDS of people can go and buy whatever they want. Completely unchecked. Bring us your crazy, your criminals, your extremists! 

Why not tighten this shit up a little? You toters would still get your fun, you just might have to wait a little longer or I don't know, clean up your act. Wouldn't the pros of the wrong people not being able to get their toys outweigh the cons of the law abiding toters having to wait just a wee bit? I feel like there are such small steps that can be taken, close the loop holes. No-fly = no gun. Anyone in the business of selling or making money from gun sales should adhere to the same standards of background checks and licensure. Make these regulations federal, not state based. 

I have no answers, but I have a voice. SpecailK looks at me like I have 2 heads and he won't let me alone in a room with any of his conservative friends and apparently I don't have any here in the midwest. If I was back in Texas I'd have a buffet to choose from but alas, I just want 5 minutes to have a civil (although slightly impassioned) dialog with someone who can justify the lack of gun control. I want to hear your argument I want to ask you questions. I may also want to punch you in the nose but you may want to do the same to me. We can agree to no punches. Any takers? 

Next up, immigration, the wonder that is GOP candidate foreign policy, and that time I popped what I thought was the little person's chocolate desert crumbs from my cuff into my mouth.